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Anonymous: You're a disgrace. That picture of the little girl is all over and you're using it to promote yourself, and making a fake story. Wow you should be ashamed.

you don’t know me to judge me ok? you can look for the girl’s pic on google it’s everywhere, the girl is Syrian and she really got kicked out of her country & she do sell gums, check her hand & read it if you can read Arabic, the girl is in my city called “Irbid” in Jordan, at the syrian borders, i live by the borders & i hear and feel the explosions everyday cuz they’re like only 5 miles away.

So believe me, i really care about my life right now more than some stupid social network site to promote it.

but what about you? what kind of stupid sorry ass life you’re living by assumin shit & judging on everybody huh? get a life.

Anonymous: what songs are on your tumblr playlist?

the 1st one is a special made, the rest are ASAP Rocky’s instrumentals.

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i saw this syrian kid selling gums in the street, she asked me to buy from her so she can go home because she’s really cold
i swear it kills me seeing ppl like her in the streets, may Allah take down Bashar (Syria’s president)
Reblog this, let the world see what’s going on there :(

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